World Food Day Meeting and Sustainable Food Conference

Ispak Ambalaj is a gold sponsor of the 2nd World Food Day Meeting and Sustainable Food Conference, held on 18 October in Istanbul. This event brought together leaders and experts from the business world, public, science and civil society in order to raise awareness in the food industry and accelerate changes with the aim of sustainable, healthy, reliable and accessible food for the increasing world population.

In addition to sharing information for the transformation of industry on sustainable production and consumption, opportunities for partnerships were explored. General Manager Eser Erginoğlu noted that demographic and climate changes, limited resources such as soil, water and energy, changes in the nutrition model, management of the national and international food system, consumer biases and ethical changes will affect the future of the food system. She stated, "What we eat will not only determine our health, but also the health of our planet. As Ispak, we are manufacturing for leading food companies in Turkey and abroad and are very aware of our responsibility for healthy and reliable food packaging. We continue to develop new products and production technologies to contribute to a more healthy future that encompasses innovation and sustainable development goals."