Kibar Group has started its activities in the areas of industry, service and commerce with the Flat Steel Service Center established in 1972. Each of its group companies is the leader of its industry.

Thanks to its reputation and brand image, strong partnership and the knowledge of and experience in Turkish markets, Kibar Group has grown in its main areas of operation and become one of the important forces contributing in the development of Turkish economy. The international business partners of Kibar Group include many leading international partners such as Hyundai, THY, Posco, Hanil, TIL, E-Hwa and Heritage.

Its Industry group includes Assan Alüminyum, Assan Foods, Assan Hanil, Assan Panel, Ege Assan, Hyundai Assan, İspak Ambalaj, Posco Assan TST and TSI Uçak Koltuk Üretim companies. Its Trade group companies include Assan Gayrimenkul, Assan Yapı, Kibar Dış Ticaret, Kibar Enerji and Kibar International companies. Its Service group include Assan Bilişim, Assan Lojistik, İnteraktif Çevre Danışmanlığı and Assan Port companies.

While coordinating risk management, strategy-business development and human resources functions, communication Kibar Group aims to increase the benefits for its employees and stakeholders by leveraging its guiding and supportive role that it has created within the community.

Kibar Holding