Kibar Group initiated its activities in the areas of industry, service and commerce with the Flat Steel Service Center established in 1972. As one of Turkey’s deeply – rooted corporate groups, Kibar Holding has been making significant contributions to the economy and the social welfare of the country.

Kibar Group operates in the metal, automotive, packaging, construction materials, real estate, logistics, energy, food, and service sectors and has more than 22 companies and 7,500 employees.
The Group has developed a good reputation and a brand image thanks to its strong partnerships and its knowledge and experience about Turkey’s market growth in its core businesses; it has also become a major force in contributing to the development of Turkey's economy. Kibar Group’s international business partners include many leading companies in the world, such as Hyundai, THY, Posco, TIL, Seoyon E-Hwa, and Heritage.

Kibar Holding aims to increase the value it creates for its employees and stakeholders by coordinating the functions of risk management, strategy and business development, human resources and corporate relations, and by establishing a communicative and supportive role within the community.

Kibar Holding and its subsidiaries generate value for Turkey’s economy with their high production capacity, employment opportunities, exports, and investments.

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