For over 40 years, our experienced team has been offering quality, customised products to our customers using our advanced technology.

In our Ink Preparation Unit, our R&D team is continuously enhancing its products and services which include ink setup, polish, glue and safe chemical formulations for products.


Benchtop Spectrophotometer

With X-rite Ink Formulation 5.1, an ink formula fitting to any printing material, such as aluminium, paper, BOOP, PET, PP, PE and etc., it is achieved safely and quickly without error. The compliance of the ink made with X-rite Colour Quality 5.1 is controlled.

Ink Maker P32 Dispensing System

Ink formulas can be replicated in a reliable sensitivity and registered.

Portable Spectrophotometers

Processes are controlled with X-rite Ci64 UV and X-rite Exact Advanced Spectrophotometer.

Light Boxes

Visual control with light boxes complying with ISO 3664. Printing simulation is performed with IGT Printability Tester and specific characteristics are determined by BYK Glossmeter (3-angle) and densitometer. By integrating all processes into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with barcode tracking, quick, error-free and reliable information flow and traceability is provided.

Business partners

Our business partnerships with leading companies allows us to implement joint projects. This adds value by enabling us to work with leading applications in the sector.