• In Ispak’s Graphics Department, we make required changes and improvements to the package according to our customers’ needs.
  • Starting with graphic design and continuing with cylinder production, the product is made available for printing after reproduction work, digital verification phases, cylinder and trial production. In the Ispak Graphics Department, we handle and control these processes with advanced technology and industry expertise.
  • After performing reproduction works supported by Illustrator, Photoshop and Artpro, Adobe and Esko products, we use the EPSON Stylus Pro 4900 printing system and GMG ColorProof software, enabling cromolyn output close to the printing result.
  • Aside from these concrete outputs we offer customers, we can also compile a sample folder about how their package looks in 3D using “Studio Visualizer.” We then send it for confirmation. This way, our customers can see and examine their product in 3D using “Studio Visualizer” software, without having to deal with cutting and folding GMG outputs.
  • We increase our quality standards everyday by carefully planning when and how to optimise our experience and advanced technological processes.