Ispak Ambalaj Web Site is Fully Compliant with Accessibility Standards...

Ispak Ambalaj Web Site is compliant with the WCAG 2.0 Level A standard to ensure convenience for visually or otherwise handicapped people.
An intuitive user experience is facilitated with the use of in form text boxes and radio buttons.
It is a known fact that most users prefer to use the keyboard to move within a form more than the mouse. As such, the forms on the web site can be submitted by only using the keyboard.
Users are also provided with the ability to change the font size used in the web site content.
Photographs, pictures, illustrations, videos, etc. are provided with descriptive text for visually impaired users.
Page title elements have been used to indicate the page titles in configuring the web site contents. *For example, the subsection H2 H1 is indicated in HTML.
A clear and easily understandable language has been used in writing the web site contents.
The destination for each link and the anchor text are clearly indicated so that users can easily understand the destination link.
Column and row titles are clearly indicated on all tables used on the web site.
The use of animated content was avoided and where animated contents are used, the user has been provided with the ability to stop the animated content. For example, the option to stop the animation in slider areas, etc. from the keyboard or the mouse is provided.
Color combinations that are hard to discern (red and green) have not been preferred.
Appropriate background and foreground color combinations have been selected to ensure sufficient contrast for visually handicapped users and black & white monitor users.