• Kibar Holding’s compensation system is based on employee competencies, as well as the contribution of job performance to the company, the degree of job difficulty and the level of responsibility.
  • For employees working as specialists and at higher grades, Kibar Holding has carried out a job appraisal and grading project in consultation with the HAY Group. The compensation policy is annually reviewed through a compensation survey.
  • Compensation of employees working on a monthly salary basis is reviewed once annually, while compensation of employees working on an hourly pay basis is reviewed once or twice annually, depending on the given responsibility.
Non-Compensation Benefits

Bonuses: A bonus system is implemented on the basis of personal performance for periods when the company has a positive performance.

Rewards: Recognition and a reward system are implemented at Kibar Holding, varying on the basis of group companies.

Social Benefits: Kibar Holding employees enjoy social benefits that vary across group companies.

Shuttle Service: Kibar Holding companies offer shuttle service to their employees from different districts. Shuttle services are also available at specific hours for employees doing overtime work.

Health Benefit: A workplace doctor is available and infirmary service is provided at all locations.