Code Of Conduct

It is our policy to provide a safe, productive and peaceful work environment for our employees.

Our ethical principles and values:

  • Provide equal opportunities for employees and applicants during recruitment and employment processes, regardless of sex, ethnic origin, race, tribe or religious belief
  • Prohibit infringement of personal rights and dignities
  • Adhere to common moral principles
  • Prohibit behaviour that disturbs productivity, safety and order in the work environment

In our everyday operations, we adhere to practices with honesty and integrity. We perform our activities with respect to the environment and comply with health and safety standards.

We expect our suppliers to comply with our ethical principles and follow the designated rules:

  • Fair employee recruitment
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Safe and hygenic working conditions
  • No children and young workers allowed
  • Wages determined by the legal minimum set by law or collective agreement
  • Working hours conform to legal laws, excessive working hours should not be permitted
  • Discrimination is not tolerated. All workers should receive equal opportunities regardless of sex, ethnic origin, race, tribe or religious belief
  • Inhuman treatment is not permitted. Any kind of harrassment, bullying and threatening is forbidden.

We intend to gain qualified employees with the necessary required skills. We provide employee development and training opportunities related to their duties and abilities. We provide a motivating work environment with effective communication. Employees are able to easily express their opinions and promote their creativity.

To comply with our labour standards, we have the following rules:

1- Child Labour

Children and young workers under 15 years old are not permitted to work in compliance with Turkish Labour Law. This restriction applies to our suppliers working under contract in our premises.

2- Freely Chosen Employment

No employee is allowed to work under compulsion or without his/her free will. Under no condition can personal IDs or passports be held. We do not allow advance deposits or loans to pay workers. We respect our workers right to leave the site during non-working hours or at the end of their shift. We respect our workers right to leave our employment upon giving reasonable notice defined by law.

3- Harassment and Bullying

We recognise that every worker has the right to work in an environment free from harassment and bullying. We do not allow any kind of physical, psychological, sexual or racial harassment, bullying, threatening and physical punishment. We expect our workers to obey this principal. Every employee has a personal responsibility not to harass, threat or bully other members of the staff.

4- Discrimination

We do not take into consideration employees’ ethnic background, sex, religion, race, rank, sexual choice, nationality, membership to institutions recognised by law and political view. Employees should not be oppressed or discriminated against in any way.

We do not participate in any of the above mentioned discriminatory treatment during our recruitment, compensation, promotion, discipline, training, retirement and dismissal processes.

5- Freedom of association and collective bargaining

We respect our workers’ right to join trade unions or workers’ organisations/committees in our workplace that represent the views/rights of workers. We do not interfere with workers’ participation in such unions.

6- Health and Safety

We guarantee that our work environment is not hazardous to workers’ health and safety.

We provide safety from fires and other emergencies, adequate lightening and ventilation, clean drinking water, reasonable access to toilets and medical treatment facilities.

We schedule and perform corrective actions to reduce possible accidents, to create awareness for safe behaviours and to improve our overall work conditions.

7- Wages and working hours

Wages are determined by the legal minimum wage set by law. When determining wages, we consider market conditions and purchasing power that can afford basic needs. We supply our workers detailed monthly payslips clearly setting out how their wages are calculated and any deductions made. We assure that overtime rates are accurately paid.

Weekly working hours are based off of 45 hours. Workers work overtime only for unsuspected conditions and within legal limitations. We obey rules set by Labour Law for overtime hours. We respect the balance between our workers’ working hours and their private life.

8- Discipline

There are defined rules and methods to be followed when evaluating an employee’s performance, and there is a clear procedure when discipline rules have been violated. Discipline rules are announced to our employees as explained in the Human Resources Management Procedure. We explain the discipline rules to new workers in trainings and assure their understanding with feedback.


All activities to protect the environment (reducing energy and water consumption, waste management, recycling, waste water treatment, reducing pollution, emission control etc.) are performed with a sustainable approach.

We comply with all environmental laws and directives.


We perform our activities with honesty, integrity and moral principles and with respect to the rights and benefits of our business partners. We intend to establish our relationship with our business partners based on mutual respect and benefits.

We comply with all related laws and directives in our commercial activities.

1- Prohibiting Corruption

Employees are prohibited to gain any estate and other assets belonging to our company or any third party by means of corruption, fraud, extortion or embezzlement. This can result in the dismissal of the employee immediately.

2- Countering Bribery and Excessive Gift-giving

This giving and accepting of gifts must be restricted by mutual courtesy rules. Gift giving and entertainment should not be misperceived as a bribe.

Gifts and entertainment with symbolic value for special days and anniversaries may be offered and accepted.

Gifts with an exceeding symbolic value, cash money, or traveling and accommodation expenses should not be offered and/or accepted.

It is forbidden to offer and/or accept bribes and non-legal commissions. These cases will result in the dismissal of the employee immediately.