As Ispak Ambalaj, our main target while performing our activities; to be sensitive to the environment, to prevent pollution and to continuously improve our occupational health and safety and environmental performance by ensuring the health and safety of those concerned, together with the team formed by our employees who have a high level of awareness and participation.

Specifically, we adopt the following principles to reach these targets:

We are committed to:

  • To comply with legal regulations, standards and other requirements related to occupational health, safety and environment,
  • To increase the occupational health and safety and environmental awareness of our employees, suppliers, subcontractors and visitors,
  • Consulting our employees and employee representatives in our processes that affect OHS and Environmental performance and developing methods that will ensure the participation of all our stakeholders,
  • To keep it under control by making a risk assessment, determining the situations and behaviors that create risks, and taking appropriate scientific and technological measures to minimize their effects,
  • By establishing a waste management system, to prevent pollution at its source, to reduce waste at its source, to recover if possible or to ensure its environmentally friendly disposal,
  • In order to protect the environment in all of our activities; keeping waste production, energy consumption and natural resource consumption at a minimum by considering the life cycle,
  • To define work accidents, occupational diseases, environmental aspects and emergencies that may occur during our activities, and to develop systems that will prevent losses, injuries and health deteriorations that may occur during this time,
  • To determine our goals from a life-cycle perspective, taking into account all our issues affecting our Environment and OHS performance, as well as our risks and opportunities,
  • We will realize our production and investments without jeopardizing the health of our employees and in an effort to leave better living opportunities, a safer and more livable world to future generations,
  • To keep our policy open to the public and to review compliance with the policy.